Sunday, 11 November 2001 - From Sydney International, Alfred and Bill changed to a Sydney Domestic flight to Wagga Wagga (pronounced wah-gah wah-gah - meaning "a place of many black birds" in the native language).

In the early afternoon local time, we were met in the Wagga Wagga Airport by cousin Alan Stileman and were taken to his ranch - Gininderra (translation - "sparkling waters") - 4100 acres (1600 hectares) of beautiful rolling hills and surrounding flatlands with numerous springs feeding paddocks - most of which support several hundred head of beef cattle and a couple hundred sheep. The ranch is totally operated by Alan through a combination of dedicated hard-work and 2001 computerization where each and every animal is uniquely listed by bar-coding and it's history updated continuously from birth through market sale. This operation is fully certified around the world

Cousins Alfred and Allen in Wagga Wagga airport

Cousins Bill and Allen

In Gininderra, the lovely Susan has prepared a snack of delicious breads with coffee to refresh ourselves

Alfred tells one of his many stories - "all true" - of our adventures and others

Bill with his cousins

Conversation moves to the outside patio where the air is fresh and day is lovely

Gininderra - such a beautiful place

A bright beautiful day in Gininderra - a high-elevation cellular phone relay station is in the background

A breath-taking view - Ginninderra and southeast Australia

Gininderra - soooooo beautiful

Gorgeous Gininderra view

The rocks of Gininderra contain some interesting deposits - is it gold ???

A swarm of bees on Gininderra

Lovely Gininderra

A grand view from Gininderra

Lush green Gininderra hills

Some of the 800+ varieties of Eucalyptus trees

Gininderra cattle

Gininderra machinery

Gininderra garages

Garden surrounding the pool

Cousin Allen's computer network

Monday, 12 November 2001 - Tour Sturt College Winery grape arbors - near Wagga Wagga

Sturt Wine is delicious

A very tasty lunch has been set out by lovely Susan

Alfred has his camera ready

Alfred shows off his new Wagga Wagga cap

In the evening in Holbrook, NSW - A gathering of gentlemen
Alan Stileman...Stanley Stevens...Henry ...Alfred Stillman...Bill Stillman

Elna ...Alfred Stillman

Allen Stileman...Henry

Elna ...Alan Stileman...Pauline ...Henry ...Susan Stevens Stileman

Henry ...Susan Stevens Stileman...Pauline ...Alfred Stillman...Stanley Stevens...Elna ...Alan Stileman

Tuesday, 13 November 2001 - Touring the Australian Mountains - one of the system of Australian Mountain Dams

Alan and Alfred discuss important topics

The dry-side of the dam wall - looking up

The top of the dam wall - looking down into the dry-side

Alfred and Susie enjoy a digital-camera moment

The beautiful lake behind the dam

Our next stop - the Snowy Mountians

The Emu - the Australian Native Bird

A flock of Emu

The Kangaroo - the Australian Native Animal

High up in the Australian Mountains - Alfred and Allen address important topics

Entrance to Cabramurra - the highest point in Australia - 1488 metres

Up-close and personal with the highest point in Australia

View from the highest point in Australia

In late Summer, some dams dry up

Three Cousins

Susie, Allan and Alfred

These falls are very scenic

Very beautiful bottom of the falls

The stream continues into the mountains

On the way back to Gininderra, a spiny anteater raced across in front of our vehicle

Wednesday, 14 November 2001 - we tour the other half of Gininderra

Some of the "flat" acreage of Gininderra - so lovely

A kangaroo is very low in the grass in the center of this picture

Beautiful Gininderra

Our cousin - "Sir" Alan Stileman, "Lord of Gininderra"