Our visit to Sydney was very exciting - we went on several tours which were captured in pictures.

Alfred gets ready to relax in our Sydney hotel

We had excellent breakfasts in our hotel

Alfred and Bill are ready for a days touring in the Sydney area

Interesting Sydney architecture

A beautiful Sydney marina

The world-famed Sydney Bridge

The world-famed Sydney Opera House

An closer picture of the Sydney Opera House

An Australian marina

Australian architecture

Where Sydney Bay meets the ocean

Sydney Bay

Alfred with Sydney Bay background

Overlooking Sydney Bay and Sydney

Sydney Bay meets the ocean

Alfred in front of the beach

Sun bathers on the sand

Alfred in a beach town

Alfred in town to look around

Alfred in front of Kelly's Bar

Alfred enjoys an ice cream

A statue of Duke Kohanamoku of Hawaii - founded surfing in Australia

The Sydney Opera House viewed from the Sydney Bridge

Harbor cruise boat that we will ride in around Sydney Harbor

Alfred seated on the Sydney Harbor cruise boat

Sydney Harbor lifting winches

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney downtown

Australian Navy boat

A masted harbor cruiser

Sydney ship docks

Beautiful house overlooking Sydney Bay

Beautiful house overlooking Sydney Bay

Beautiful house overlooking Sydney Bay

Australian Governor's House

Australian Governor's House

High-rise living with amusement park in front

Bridge with high-rise living in front

Downtown Sydney

Asian tour group in Sydney

Rock formations along Sydney Bay

Alfred by the rock formations

Bondi Beach Bathing Club

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach