On November 15, 2001 Alfred and Bill travel-toured to and from Canberra, Australia - the nations capital

When we entered Canberra, we stopped in a museum

Map of Australia

Map of Australia

Arch to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, England

Statue to Australian Soldiers

Aboriginal boat

Australian Capital Building

Australian Coat of Arms and Australian Flag

Stairs to Australian Congressional Chambers

Upstairs Columns

Background tapestry is very old and delicate

Roof of Capital Building

Up-close picture of tapestry

Australian flag seen through the roof of the Capital Building

Floor of Australian Capital Building

Australian Congressional Chambers

Australian Congressional Chambers

Rear of Austrailan Congressional Building


Tour bus driver and guide

Alfred rests after a looooooong day

After a restful night, Alfred is up and atom !!!

A beautiful fountain

Alfred enjoys a cool drink in a resturant

Bill is having a good time in Canberra

Where we stayed in Canberra

A raven walks in the shadows of the trees

ANZAC Hall Monument in Canberra

A beautiful view of the Australian Capital

Alfred in front of ANZAC Hall

Inside the ANZAC Monument

Alfred stands in front of ANZAC Hall

Outside of ANZAC Hall

Beautiful far view of Capital Buildings

Alfred enjoys the view of Canberra

A beautiful view of the Canberra Area

Canberra Airport

Lake George

Where we ate lunch