During 15-19 February 2001, during Alfred Stillman's visit to southern California, Alfred and Bill Stillman took their digital cameras to Baja and the following pictures are provided for your viewing pleasure

Alfred arrives in southern California

Bill is very happy that his Dad is visiting

Alfred and Bill are dinner guests of Helen Hempel

Paul Hempel and Alfred discuss important topics

Dinner was excellent - dessert was great

Helen Hempel

Helen Hempel and Toby

Helen Glassey and Sandra Hempel

On the way to the Baja, Alfred visits with his 1st cousin Elma Mae Stillman Smith

Alfred and Elma posing for another picture

Alfred and Elma admire Elma's glass collection

Alfred has found a comfortable chair with a comfortable cousin

Cousin Elma is having a good time

The two cousins have a hilarious moment

Bill is soooooo happy to visit with cousin Elma after so many years separation

Elma, Helen and Alfred pose outside Elma's residence in Oceanside, CA

Next stop is in Encinitas, CA visiting with Cousin Phil Hengen and daughter Lucille

Lucille is most adorable

We all have lunch in a local resturant

Arriving in Baja CA to a great view

Helen has arrived in the Baja

Alfred is ready for a Baja nap

More Baja view

Our friend Missy the cat is here

Sunset in the Baja

Cloud swirls over the Baja

Night has arrived in the Baja

Morning on the Baja

Surfers have arrived

Richard Bragg and wife Linda have arrived

Linda, Richard and Bill relaxing in the Baja

The lovely ladies prepare something for all of us to consume

Helen relaxes in the Baja

Alfred and Bill with their white hats

Helen and Bill with white hats

Helen with a white hat

Hummers are everywhere

Another hummer

And another hummer

The name-sake of the place that we are staying in - Los Gaviotas - the seagulls

Sunday morning sunrise in the Baja