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An electronics engineer with over 30 years of engineering experience - during the 1970s/1980s, I worked in both the US Government and in aerospace industry to help win the cold war that existed principally between the United States of America and the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now I work to keep the peace and explore to our last frontier - Space.

Born in 1942, I am the son of Alfred William Stillman and Marie Ann Hengen Stillman. I have three sisters - Helen Carole, Marie Ann, and Margaret Mae.

I am very proud to be a eighth generation American with a long lineage tracing directly back to Mr. George Stillman who immigrated from England in 1685. Mr. George was originally from Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire County, England.

A long time resident of Huntington Beach and the California west coast, my life began on another coast - the Gulf of Mexico - in Biloxi, Mississippi. Until I was 18, I first lived on - then next to - a cattle dairy in the rural area settled by my mother's father - John G. Hengen - in the early part of this century on the north side of Biloxi Bay. The area is called Magnolia Bend - located on the north side of Biloxi Bay across from Keesler Air Force Base. Many of my mother's brothers and their family relatives live there today. Having grown up on the shore of Biloxi Bay - I have always enjoyed fishing.

During my teen years while attending Biloxi High School I had the wonderful experience of being a member and officer in the Biloxi Chapter of the Order of DeMolay.

Always believing that education was the ticket to improving on the dairy life that I grew up with, I have almost as many years education as I do experience. After a tour in the United States Air Force, my belief in improving myself through education led me to obtain an Associate in Science in Electronic Technology from American River College, then Bachelors and Masters in both Electronic Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. While an engineering intern with the US Army in the early 1970's, I earned a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University which has been the most useful degree to date.

This led to my year of follow-on studying and successful testing to be a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL) as presented by the Society of Logistics Engineers (SOLE). I have been a member of SOLE for over 25 years.

A project/program manager for the US Army stationed in Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey in the late 1970's, I left there to teach numerous courses related to program management for Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) - now Defense Acquisition University - in the early 1980's.

Then Northrop made me an offer I couldn't refuse to be a part of the B-2 Program, which I greatly enjoyed for a year.

Dazzled by the lights of the space program, I left Northrop to be a part of the Space Shuttle Program with Rockwell International. While with Rockwell, I transferred to be a Rockwell team member of the Space Station Program.

From there, I became a manager of reliability, maintainability, system safety, human factors and ILS for a division of Allied Signal - now Honeywell. Allied Signal moved me around to become their program manager of logistics programs and finally - field engineering senior manager.

In December, 1986, we Stillman's had a family portrait taken which included all members available at that time.

In early 1988, I joined Gould NavCom Systems Division as their Director of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), where I was enabled to assemble the finest ILS organization of professional personnel that I have ever been associated with.

In mid-1991, I left NavCom to become Vice President of HOPE Associates, Inc., a minority-owned small business that I was to expand to the West Coast. We did well for a while despite the continuously declining economy. During that time I had the privilege to perform services for several clients - some of whom remain to this day.

In mid-1995, Rockwell International now Boeing invited me to return to program manage supportability programs and perform engineering design analyses with their satellite, missile defense, rockets and space-ships organizations. This is greatly enjoyable. In 2009, I left Boeing to return to my own company - Advanced Engineering Services - which I enjoy very much.

In early 1996, I completed a course in ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Training and have commenced further experience in ISO 9000 1st and 2nd party audits.

I am very proud to be an Acacian - having been inducted into Acacia Fraternity while a student at the University of Southern Mississippi from 1960-1962. There is an excellent page on the life and times of Pythagoras with links to other people who have made great positive contributions to the evolution of humankind.

I am a life member of Tau Beta Pi - an engineering honor society which I joined while attending Cal Poly SLO in 1973.

I hold current memberships in
the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the Orange County Consultant's Network;
the Institute of Industrial Engineers (senior member);
the Society of Logistics Engineers (senior member);
the American Society of Quality Control;
the National Defense Industrial Association (life member).

I have a life membership in the Cal Poly SLO Alumni Association;
I am a century club member in the Texas A&M Association of Former Students.

I am very proud of my Dad, age 98, Alfred Stillman - who has learned a tremendous amount about computers since January 1995 and continues to improve each day. My Dad's courage and determination are an inspiration to all members of his family. Both of us are members-emeritus of the First Presbyterian Church of Biloxi.
Now a resident of West Plains, MO - my Dad has recently joined the Methodist Church.

One of our favorite missionary teams is Dale and Elaine Rhoton who work for Operation Mobilization (OM).

As the Stylleman/Styleman/Stileman/Stilman/Stillman family internet genealogist, I am constantly seeking to expand all variations of family history.

During 1-9 Jul 2000, my Dad and I traveled to England and France in search of ancient relatives, visiting with current cousins, and touring London and Paris.

In early 2001, my Dad visited me in southern California - we vacationed in Baja California for four days - a most enjoyable trip.

In November of 2001, my Dad and I traveled to eastern Australia to visit with relatives and tour.

In early 2006, I acquired 15 acres near Saucier, MS where I located a travel trailer in which to vacation and visit relatives.

In late 2007, I married a long-time associate - Helen Hempel - we are very happy.

In April 2009, we established a 2412 square-foot house on our land in Saucier, which we intend to use as an alternate residence.
The travel trailer is now gone to other places and adventures.
I have since acquired two five-acre parcels - one with a fully functional single-wide mobile on it.

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